Top Ten Reasons to Read a Book by
Romantic Suspense Author Tracy Montoya

10) You like books that blend suspense, romance, and the occasional inappropriate outburst of black humor.

9) You just finished The Brothers Karamazov and a scintillating essay on deconstruction by Jacques Derrida and are in the mood for something light and fun.

8) You enjoy books with the occasional Latino/a character who is not the maid or the pool boy.

7) You’re friends with Tracy, and she’d feel bad if you didn’t.

6) The last Oprah pick sent you into an existential crisis.

5) You can see what Tracy looks like when she’s airbrushed.

4) You belong to Mary A’s (Tracy’s sister-in-law’s mom) church book club, and you’re dying to know what all the fuss was about chapter eight.

3) Nora who?

2) People who loudly proclaim that they only read “literary fiction” make you twitch.

1) You live in Random Lake, and can’t avoid running into Tracy’s mom, who will pelt you with copies until you do.


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April 2008

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